"No Boundary" Grid, Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery, Spring 2015

Acrylic and ink on paper, (each frame is 11x14 inches) installation of 12 (4 over 3) total dimension is 50h x 46w inches (framed 2 inches apart)  

"Boundary" and "No Boundary"

This series of work on paper is about the juxtaposition of the messy or splashed paint stroke versus the carefully applied color and the sharply cut angles that when joined become a neatly composed whole.  There is a connection to the "Aerial Landscape" paintings in how the colors and shapes are sectioned off from each other.

 In the "Boundary" series I am playing with the definition that boundary is a line that marks the limits of an area by allowing the paper to spill over the matt opening used in traditional framing to hold or present the work.  I like thinking that this is not how a matt is traditionally used. Instead it becomes integral to the piece something similar to how Anthony Caro addressed and incorporated the use of the pedestal in his work.