Seeing things is a body of work that attempts to make connections between the work I am doing in the studio and the experiences I document - via photographs - on the "outside".

By combining the visual strength (and realism)of a photograph with a constructed image I am exploring the tension between them, making room for connections to form.  Some are by design, some emerge as the work takes form and some may only become apparent once the piece is finished.

Through this work I am also questioning the relationship between the world I live in when I am in my studio and the world outside my studio. I am interested in the separation: the "inside" world of the studio and the "outside" depicting the "real" world. Idealism vs. realism; abstraction vs. representation; solitude vs social interactions.  The studio as a place of free expression and exploration, the outside world as a normed and constrained environment. 

My photographs could be thought of as stand-in for the "outside", my abstractions as representations of the "inside".